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Reviews of Leaving Neverland

Reviews of 'Leaving Neverland':

"An insightful depiction of the dangers we face in having the perpetual ‘boys’ of this world in positions of power - incomplete men with arrested development. The style, pace and delightful skewering are reminiscent of Hunter S Thomson!" Rex Finch, Finch Publishing.


"An amusing read. The prose flows smoothly and I enjoyed the sustained concept of children (small male children, primarily) being allowed to run the nursery and getting it horribly wrong.You know how to keep the humour flowing too, with the introduction of various characters (yourself, Peter Pan, Victor) throughout the text." JS Watts author of 'A Darker Moon.'


"Very witty and pointed. I found myself going "hahaha ... ouch. I do that." Clever eye-opening connection between the personal and the problems of the world." Owen Rigby


"Well, yes, all females think men are just big boys who like toys. Anyway, I got that obvious comment out of the way, I wanted to tell that... you  hit at the big issues through using Peter Pan, and the Neverland scenario. This is a very clever piece of writing, highlighting important issues in a unique way. I wish you all the best with it." Marita Hansen author of 'Behind the Hood'


"Oh my word, Daniel. I have had one great hell of an afternoon enjoying reading Leaving Neverland. You really cracked me up - I couldn't stop laughing. My husband, who was painting the dining room popped his head in and honestly thought I'd lost the plot. And I was suppose to be helping him - oh well, I can always blame you for giving me such an such an entertaining read.
You are so clever and spot on in the way you brought up some serious issues, such as the oil spillage cover ups, the deep global troubles that our magnificent Earth is in, and of course the fat-cat bankers… You keep it light, with fantastic humour…
Stay young at heart, Daniel and you will always produce brilliant writing like this.  K. K. Jones author of “Hens from Hell”


"Leaving Neverland is an insightful commentary written in an amusing style." Walden Carrington author of 'Titanic: Rose Dawson's Story'



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  •  Quotes from 'Leaving Neverland':

    "Mankind has become Pankind" Daniel Prokop


    "In a desperate attempt to stay young forever we have achieved eternal childishness, rather than eternal youth.” Daniel Prokop


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