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Author Daniel Prokop


Hi, this seems like a good place for me to introduce myself. My name is Daniel Prokop. I am an author, show radio host, stand up comic, inventor, parent educator, Rites of Passage leader, high school basketball coach, MC and geologist.

I’ve been around the block a few times, nearly fifty times if you call one year a block. I have studied little boys in their “natural” corporate environment, as a boy myself within the belly of an oily beast. The beast was the biggest corporation in the world at the time.  It was a vast, big budget sandpit where I played at a senior level for 13 years, which still surprises me. I owned a franchised business in a major shopping centre and employed twelve staff for 9 years and I have also worked for a harm prevention charity. Three vastly different sandpits, all linked by similar childish behaviour, some of it my own.

My family migrated to  Australia from the US in 1973. I have been a labourer at the Port Kembla Steelworks, made pizzas, cleaned pub toilets, washed dishes, shovelled turkey shit, picked kiwi fruit in NZ and put myself through University. Personal development: been there, still doing that. I am also a devoted father of two children and a husband and we all live together which can be a bit nuclear.  We haven't had a major melt down for some time.

I have been a leader on many Rites of Passage programs and I have also had the privilege of taking my son through his Rite of Passage. My experience as a Dad was quite different to my experieces as a leader. My son came back a few years after our camp, as a returning young man and he helped us run a Rites of Passage program. It has been such a gift to watch how much he has grown as a result of participating in this work and it has helped me grow up too.

To book me for an event you can email me at info@leavingneverland.net.


Thank you.

Daniel Prokop

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